Following the troubling disappearance of the Green Hairy Ants, young Vincent The Anteater is sent to the stars to ask the Great Cosmic Anteater for some advice. An interactive tale about the first anteater that travelled to outer space and about what he learned there.

A hand-made manual of practical ecology for 21st Century kids.

Vincent The Anteater is a digital pop-up book conceived as a game of experience. Through the story of Vincent, kids will be able to experience and understand by themselves the mechanisms of ecology, dealing with topics such as the rational exploitation of natural resources, genetical mutations, waste disposal, biodiversity and the use of water.

Vincent the Anteater © 2013 · Contact ·Privacy Policy. Press . Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

El Pudú Studios. Con el apoyo del Fondo Nacional de Fomento del Libro y la Lectura. 


"Visually stunning. Beautifully animated in stop-motion style, making the app stand out immediately… everything is so cute and carefully presented that you can see how much attention and love went into creating Vincent’s world…. so much more sophisticated than your average repetitive children’s app score. So full of heart that even adults are sure to remember the story long after they’ve finished." (

"I really love this book app. I love its handcrafted, retro feel and the interactions, sound effects and animations that bring the story to life. Highly recommended!"


"Great for children of all ages. Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great deal. With a great story, awesome illustrations, interactive features, valuable educational material, and narration, this app has a lot to offer. Parents may find this app quickly becomes a family favorite."